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Current Info, News and Events:

    The SASA Annual Meeting will be help Thursday, January 8 at 6PM at the Heritage Flight Museum.
    A BB-Que dinner will be provided free to members who pay their dues of $25 for 2015. Guests are welcome to enjoy dinner for $10 per person.

  • Anacortes Airport UPDATE:
    The Anacortes Airport has a new AWOS: 122.9 and the phone number is now 617-262-3825 ext 747.

  • Heritage Flight Museum Operations:
    The current version of the attached document has been revised to include the possibility of F-51 aircraft using a pitch-up maneuver during the break to help dissipate airspeed. This is an unusual maneuver that local and visiting aircraft should be aware of. Please note that the now-current version of this document is dated 12/02/13 at the bottom of the page.
    Read the document here.

    Additional information regarding the subject of the overhead landing pattern maneuver that the HFM will use, the attached excerpt from Section 4 of the relavant AIM is provided for your information. View it here.

  • Bayview Ridge Development:
    Skagit County has released for comment a proposal to revise the Baview Ridge Subarea Plan. Read the document at www.skagitcounty.net/bayviewridge.
    Note: Skagit County has decided not to move forward with the Planned Unit Development Code Ordinance at this time. That ordinance, which would enable residential development at Bayview Ridge, will not move forward until road planning and school siting issues are addressed.

  • Notes from the Board: Please find attached the minutes of the SASA Annual General Membership Meeting. For those of you who couldnt make the meeting this will give you the condensed version of what happened.
    Also, Ive attached the Dues Invoice for 2014, again, for those of you who want to renew your membership. WE WANT YOU AND NEED YOU!
    Some commented that theyd like to see more SASA activities and purpose. There will need to be a lot of SASA participation to help restart the historical Fly-in/Air-show event now that the major airport construction is done. Plans are underway to make the event bigger and better than ever.
    Stay tuned for a great SASA 2014 year.
    The Kitty Hawk Cafe has new hours: They will be open every day from 8 AM to 3 PM.

  • NOTE: Changes to Seattle Class B Airspace
    Notice Number: NOTC3358
    Seattle's Class B Airspace has changed! On December 15, 2011 the new VFR Terminal Area Chart for the Seattle Class B was issued. The physical shape of the Class B has changed including altitudes, radials and distances. Don't become a pilot deviation statistic because you don't have a new chart and fly into Class B airspace by mistake!
    For details, check here

    For the FaaST web site, visit here

    And for even more info, contact:
    Matt Wallitner
    Seattle Approach Control
    Phone: 206-214-4600
    or email: Matt.Wallitner

  • Aircraft Washing: Washington State Dept. of Ecology is requiring the Port to ensure that all Aircraft are not washed in any area where runoff can get into the storm water system. Aircraft can be washed on surfaces that are pervious, ie. grass and dry washing in your hangar is fine.

    Full Story

    The Port does have a car wash kit that you can borrow for wet washing. They are currently designing a wash stand that will meet the D of E rules and will replace the one situated by Vertex Aviation. We know that this is a pain, but please work with the Port on this issue, it is not their fault!
    For answers to any questions, contact: Sara Young or call (360) 757-0011.

  • Renew membership: If you still haven't renewed your 2014 membership, please do. The more Skagit Pilots we have as members the greater our influence will be with the Port. It is only $25.00 a year. Thanks.

    Renew Now


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